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Black and White Dandelion painting workshop Cottonwood, CA

black and white dandelion painting workshop cottonwood, ca
Terri Breedlove inspired this.
I am soooo proud of her.
She has been creating like there is no tomorrow...so I stoled it from her.
Great acrylic workshop. Black and White dandelion.
Please have your canvas already painted black. This is a 3 hour class and we want to finish it in that time.
Where: 19295 Luna Rosa, Cottonwood
When: Dec 2, two classes 10-1 and 5:30-8:30
Cost: $20, supplies extra
Canvas of your choice of size, already painted black
Brushes: 1" flat, Filbert # 8, # 2 liner brush, I like Simply Simmon brushes.
White acrylic and Black acrylic, no craft paint, I like Liquitex or you can try another brand you have.
Water bucket
paper towels
heavy plastic to cover table under your painting
OK people, we are going to have fun.

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