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ARTAZINE.org - Where the ARTs come to grow!

Planting the Seed

ARTAZINE began in the summer of 2008.

After living in Redding for about three years, Raette sensed a demand for ARTs instruction. There were plenty of instructors, but no one knew where to find them.

She started collecting ARTs class information from fliers, booklets, newspapers, and anything I could find. With this stack of papers, that was easily over a foot tall, Raette assembled a database of class schedules.

Developing Roots

The first quarterly edition of ARTAZINE magazine with 14 full-color pages was made available online for free download on June 21, 2008.

The magazine featured colorful artwork from regional artists, and a directory of ARTs instructors, including biographies, class descriptions, schedules, and registration information.
ARTAZINE established its online presence in 2009 and continues to grow, averaging 14,000 visitors, 7,000 unique, per month. ARTAZINE features instructor announcements, calls to artists, inspirational articles written by professional artists, and a searchable database of all arts related classes. The ARTs include dance, music, visual, culinary, textile, photography, literary, and performing ARTs.

Now with hundreds of classes listed in Shasta County alone, ARTAZINE is available exclusively online. Instructors can add their class schedules from any computer with an Internet connection, and students can locate classes using search criteria, including instructor name, discipline, keyword, and location.


ARTAZINE is focused on expanding class listings by introducing the database to instructors everywhere. ARTAZINE has the capability to serve the entire United States. Our goal is to list every ARTs class and instructor, in every city, nationwide.

ARTAZINE is committed to becoming the only resource you need to find ARTs related classes.  We hope you find the online resource useful, informative, and inspirational.

Enjoy ARTAZINE.org and spread the word!

Send inquiries and suggestions to Raette at 530-209-7769, or raette@artazine.org

Advertising: download the current ARTAZINE 2012-2013 advertising options.

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  1. Thank you Raette! Great web site here, i like it.

    We are still in Downtown Redding "Releasing More Creativity Into Our Communities. . ."

  2. Thank you so much Victoria, and Haven Art Studio, for keeping the ARTs ALIVE!

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