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What the *bleep* is a Zentangle?(0)

May 5, 2013

Okay, that’s what went through my head when I saw the great upcoming class at Sandi Palmer’s studio. So I decided to check it out.. What exactly is a Zentangle? I looked it up on youtube, and found what appears to look like my doodles during college lectures. Anyone can do this, who loves to [...]

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3 Cures for amateurish paintings – Tutorial of the week

Some great tips here! Artazine does not claim the rights to this video – we just love to share what we find!

Polymer Clay Beads – Youtube tutorial

Great new Polymer Clay bead tutorial! Her accent is a little tricky, but I know you will love what she makes just as much as I do! Be sure to rate her video at the end. ARTAZINE.org does NOT  claim any rights to this video. We just love to share!!!! Enjoy! Amazon.com Widgets

How to achieve copper patina-look with powder coat – video

This is a great demonstration on achieving a copper patina look using a powder coat oven. found at http://www.doitcave.com For more videos from this artist, visit his page at youtube, or visit his website: www.DoItCave.com  

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